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Samantha, 17 i live on earth. This is my weird blog. also I made it a long time ago, but now I want to change the background color to something like seafoam green so its not all annoying and stuff, but i made that wonderful heading thing to match and i woudnt want to ruin all my hard work plus im too lazy. Basically just disregard all the pink color behind the stuff. Right now im pretty bored so i think im going to just write a super long description, so if youre on a laptop and scrolling down the blog itll look like its my entire life story (but its really just random stuff). also please excuse my lack of capital letters and apostrophes. once again im too lazy for that. well im just gonna say this right now, if youre reading this then you better fucking message me and we can be friends or get married or something. just pretend this is like some ad for an arranged marrage site and as soon as you read this that means were gonna get married. and one last piece of advice (not that there was any other pieces of advice in this) next time you go to ihop, get the cinnabon cinnamon roll pancakes. they are the most beautiful things on the planet. like a mouthgasm. they are orgasmigical. oh and just in case you were reading this to learn more about me, my obsessions are rock climbing and dexter. id add music to that lengthy list but thats a given. also i did a marajuana once but it was actually just basil like that one time in that 70's show but actually not at all. also im usually slightly more normalish than this, but its late at nght and im trying to avoid writting these two essays that are due tomorrow. fuck dammit i should start those. i love you! holy shit if you read this then we are now internet bestfriends, just as long as you let me know somehow. ya man.